Service Guide

1Before booking

Verify that you own a driver's license that is valid in Japan.

Review the traffic rules in Japan as well as the Rental Agreement and compensation policy of Eki Rent-A-Car.

2Make a reservation

Access the Eki Rent-A-Car website on your computer or smartphone to make a reservation.

*Reservations are not accepted by telephone.

Detailed online guide on how to make a reservation

3Visit the Eki Rent-A-Car office

Please arrive earlier than the scheduled pickup time, as you will be asked to fill out some forms.

Show the following documents to the office staff:

  • ·Driver's license
  • ·Passport
  • ·Other necessary documents

4Fill out papers

  • ·Complete the Rental Agreement. Confirm the contract details.
  • ·The staff will give an explanation regarding insurance and what to do upon an accident, parking violation, or the like.
  • ·Check the vehicle for any damages with the staff.

Payment Method

As a general rule, we only accept credit card payments.
(Exceptions include certain offices where credit cards cannot be processed.)


  • ·Customers are asked to pay for gasoline charge. The fuel tank will be full upon pick up; please return the vehicle with the tank full.
    If the tank is not full upon drop-off, there will be a separate charge depending on the distance traveled (the rate will be higher than the typical market rate).
  • ·Once you arrive at the office, an office staff member will check the car for any damages.
  • ·Any extension fee will be charged at the office.

How to fill gasoline