Service Guide


We rent our vehicles with afull tank, so please return the rental car with a full tank.
We regard a "full tank" as one that has been filled with the fuel pump nozzle inserted all the way into the tank, and fuel then pumped to the point where the pump stops automatically.
if, due to unavoidable circumstances, you cannot return the vehicle with a full tank, you will be charged a separate fee based on the vehicle's odometer reading.

Filling Fuel

How to completely fill a tank at a self-service gas station

  • [NOTE]
    Nozzles are color coded to differentiate the following three types of fuel:
    green (diesel), yellow (high-octane), red (regular).

  • Insert the filling nozzle all the way down. Grip the lever tightly to start filling.

  • Once the fuel meter comes to an automatic stop (listen for a clicking sound), stop filling. Do not attempt to add more fuel after this point.

Having a station staff do the filling

*Inform the station staff of the following prior to starting th

"Stop filling once the fuel meter comes to an automatic stop."

Taking effect from January 10th, 2012, Eki Rent-A-Car has revised its definition of a "full tank" under the direction of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and Petroleum Association of Japan. The fuel gauge may drop immediately after the rental of a vehicle. Such drops will not be accounted for when determining the customer's gas usage, as long as the vehicle is returned with its tank filled to the level at which the fuel meter at the gas station comes to an automatic stop. Please seek instructions from the station staff if filling automatically stops immediately after starting, or stops before the fuel gauge reaches the full-tank mark if at a self-service station.

We request that customers refrain from attempting to add extra fuel, as gasoline overflow may lead to extremely dangerous situations.