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◇ Reservation Service AgreementArticle 1  (Service Content and Terms of Use)1. This Service refers to the service provided by Eki Rent-A-Car System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), in which car rental reservation requests may be submitted on the “Eki Rent-A-Car Reservation Website”.2. Customers shall agree to all clauses of this agreement to use this Service.3. Customers who do not agree to any of the clauses of this agreement may not use this Service. Customers in violation of this agreement may also be denied use of this Service.4. This service is meant for customers who are capable of using computers, smartphones, mobile phones, and the Internet under their own responsibility, with the appropriate settings regarding Internet environment, font, E-mail and the like which are required for this Service. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any impacts resulting from failure of this service to function properly due to erroneous manoeuvers or Internet connection environments, even if the aforementioned criteria are met.5. Observance of generally accepted manners and morals regarding Internet usage is expected. Users considered as engaging in inappropriate behavior by the Company may be denied use of this Service.Article 2  (Application Period, Application Time, and Response Time)As a general rule, the application period, application time, and the time warranted for a response regarding car rental requests using this Service shall be separately stipulated by the Company.Article 3  (Method of Application and Confirmation)1. This Service allows applications of car rental requests and the like to be submitted following the procedures separately established by the Company.2. The Company will notify its confirmation to a request by E-mail.Article 4  (Successful Confirmation of Reservation)Reservations requested using this Service are deemed as successfully confirmed once the Company issues an E-mail notifying the details of the finalized reservation (hereinafter referred to as the “Confirmation Document”).Article 5  (Cancellation of Reservation)1. As a general rule, customers are requested to use this Service to cancel any car rental reservation that had been successfully confirmed through this Service.2. A cancellation fee which is separately established by the Company may apply in the event of any cancellation.Article 6  (Payment of Charges)1. The company shall use the Confirmation Document to inform its customers of the amount to be charged for any car rental reservation that was successfully confirmed.2. Customers are requested to pay car rental charges at an Eki Rent-A-Car office.3. As a general rule, Eki Rent-A-Car offices only accept credit card payments. Certain offices where credit card payments cannot be processed are considered as exceptions to this clause.4. Cash payments (including electronic money) will require confirmation according to the procedures separately established by the Company. The same applies to offices where credit card payments cannot be processed.Article 7  (Termination of Service)The Company may, under the following circumstances, halt this Service without prior notice:a. Work on server, including maintenance, service, and enhancementb. Failure of systems or equipment required for provision of this Servicec. Temporary suspension of systems due to computer/program modification, version updates, or the like.d. Connection failure resulting from Internet defectse. Other inevitable circumstancesArticle 8  (Disclaimers)1. The Company shall bear no responsibility for troubles and damages suffered by a third party due to a customer’s use of this Service. Such issues shall be resolved by and at the responsibility of the parties involved.2. The Company shall bear no responsibility for inconveniences and damages suffered resulting from the inability of one to use this Service due to reasons such as those listed in Article 7 and Internet connection troubles.Article 9  (Amendment of This Agreement)The Company reserves the right to make amendments to this agreement as necessary. Once amended, only the amended version is deemed as valid.Article 10 (Exceptions)If deemed as necessary, the Company reserves the right to handle specific cases as exceptions to this agreement.Article 11 (Issuance of This Agreement)This agreement takes effect starting October 1, 2016 (Japanese Standard Time).