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Tokushima, the Land of Awa

Tokushima, the prefecture known for its traditional Awa dance, is blessed with the abundant nature of the Seto Inland Sea and rich cuisine.
Traveling by car becomes most handy when exploring Tokushima, as the entire railway system in the prefecture still runs without electricity, and thus the railway network not as thoroughly developed as in the other parts of Japan.
Here, we introduce you to a couple of locations in Tokushima that you'll want to visit by rental car.

Ohnaruto Bridge

The great Naruto whirlpools are a famous sight in Tokushima, on par with the Awa dance.
Scaling up to a maximum of 30 meters in diameter with tides moving at speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour, the whirlpools rank among the world’s greatest three.
Tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the nature’s awe may do so from the Ohnaruto Bridge. Suspended between Tokushima’s Naruto City and Hyogo’s Awaji Island, the bridge offers “Uzu-no-michi Promenade”, a facility allowing visitors to watch the whirlpools from approximately 45 meters above sea surface. Tourist boats are also available from nearby shores.

Otsuka Museum of Art

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group, a company known for Oronine ointment and the Pocari Sweat drink.
The central exhibit in the museum is the “Ceramic Board Masterpiece” collection which features masterpieces from around the world reproduced on ceramic "canvases" with special techniques, to look just like the original work.
Visitors are sure to be impressed by the site of "The Last Supper," "Gurenica," "The Mona Lisa," and other renowned works reproduced at actual size.

Mount Bizan

Nearby the downtown area of Tokushima City, Mount Bizan is a widely recognized tourist stop which has also become the title of a movie.
Despite standing only a little less than 300 meters above sea level, the peak offers a panoramic view of the entire city, which extends as far as the Awaji Island and Kii Peninsula on clear days.
Aside from the great view, the open area at the top of the mountain also serves as the venue for various concerts. Festival stalls also pop up in the area, creating a lively, fun atmosphere.
On the other hand, the base of the mountain is lined with a collection of temples as well as the Awa-odori Kaikan Hall, where visitors can gain first-hand experience of the traditional Awa dance through demonstrations and actual dancing. Stop by to explore the nature and culture of Tokushima.

Awa Sand Pillars

    • Sand pillars, or hoodoos are a naturally forming sandstone column. The Awa hoodoos in Tokushima’s Awa City are a gorgeous site that has been designated as a national historic treasure, and are considered a member of the three greatest hoodoos in the world, the other two being in the Rocky Mountains of the USA and in the Tirol region of Italy.
      The land is eroded over tens of thousands of years, creating a unique land formation that looks like columns. Come experience the powerful and mystical setting created by nature.

Experience Tokushima by rental car!

Although Tokushima Station is located in the center of the prefecture and offers train routes to and from locations throughout Shikoku and Japan, rail travel throughout the rest of the prefecture could hardly be considered convenient.
Most of the tourist attractions shown here are near expressway exits, making them extremely easy to visit by car.

Tokushima is famous for cuisine such as Tokushima ramen noodles, Awa beef, and Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes.
Why not rent a car and go explore Tokushima for your next trip?

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