Service Guide

Traffic Rules/Traffic Signs

This page explains important traffic rules that one should know when driving in Japan

  • Keeping left
  • Wearing seat belts
    Seat belts are mandated for all seats.
  • Child seats
    Use of child seats is mandated by law for children under age 6.
  • Strict adherence to speed limits
  • Administrative proceedings and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Usage of mobile phones
    Usage of mobile phones and smartphones while driving is prohibited. Please stop the vehicle at a safe location when using such device.
  • Give priority to pedestrians

Traffic Rules

Regulatory Signs

  • Road Closed

  • Closed to All Vehicular Traffic

  • No Entry of Vehicles

  • No Parking or Stopping

  • No Parking

  • No Crossing of Vehicles

  • No U-turn

  • Overtaking on the Right Prohibited

  • Maximum Speed Limit

  • Minimum Speed Limit

  • Yield

  • Stop Once

  • Advance to Specified Direction Only

Caution Signs

  • Railway Crossing Ahead

  • School/ Kindergarten Nearby

  • Traffic Light Nearby

  • Falling/Fallen Rocks

  • Rough Surface

  • Road Work in Progress

  • Crosswind

  • Beware of Animals

  • Other Potential Dangers

  • Merging Traffic

  • Fewer Lanes Ahead

  • Road Narrows Ahead

  • Two-way Traffic

  • Steep Upward Slope Ahead

  • Steep Downward Slope Ahead

Informatory Signs

  • Parking Permitted

  • Stopping Permitted

  • Right of Way

  • Center Line

  • Stop Line

  • Crosswalk