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Insurance and Compensation Policy

Insurance and Compensation Policy

In case of an accident, the following amount, set as the maximum limit, will be covered by insurance and other means.

However, customers will be charged for damages resulting from accidents that either violate the Rental Agreement of the company or fall within the disclaimer clause of the insurance policy, or those where a proof of accident cannot be obtained from the police.



Deductibles(Contributed by Customer)

Bodily Injury Liability

Unlimited per person (includes compulsory automotive liability insurance)

Deductibles(Contributed by Customer)


Property Damage Liability

Unlimited per accident

Deductibles(Contributed by Customer)

50,000 yen

Personal Injury Protection

Up to 30 million yen per person (fatal accidents)
Compensation of injuries (including physical impairment and death) incurred by a passenger as the result of a car accident shall be made regardless of the driver's percentage of fault.
(Limit: 30 million yen: The total amount of damages, including medical expenses, shall be determined based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy.)

Deductibles(Contributed by Customer)


Vehicle Insurance

Up to the current vehicle cost per accident

Deductibles(Contributed by Customer)

50,000 yen
(100,000 yen for vehicles such as microbuses)

Major Cases Not Covered

  • ·Accidents not reported to the police or Eki Rent-A-Car (includes settlements made without the involvement of the company)
    Reckless driving (such as deliberately caused accidents)
  • ·Cases involving driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • ·Accidents caused by individuals other than those listed in the contract of the rental agreement.
  • ·Accidents for which the other party is responsible
  • ·Accidents occurring after expiration of the agreed rental period (i.e., during uninformed extension)
  • ·Costs incurred due to wheel and tire damages (punctures, bursts, tears, etc.), including tire, wheel, repair/replacement, and vehicle transport charges Damage/loss of wheel caps or accessories
  • ·Defacement of car interior
  • ·Driving in places such as riverbeds and forests where vehicle damage is likely.
  • ·Refueling with the wrong type of fuel
  • ·Other cases where the customer is to blame regarding improper use or management of rented vehicle
  • ·Damage incurred from tire chains, ski carriers, or the like
  • ·Loss of keys

*Eki Rent-A-Car may rent out vehicles from affiliated car rental companies. In such cases, the rental agreement shall be concluded between the customer and the affiliated car rental company providing the vehicle. The content of the insurance/compensation policy shall of the affiliated car rental company will take effect.

Indemnity Against Liability

By enrolling in this system, customers will be exempted from the payment of the above-stated copayment amounts (amount compensated by customer). Please apply when making a reservation or at the time of pick up.
1,100 yen (tax included) per 24 hours

*Does not apply for cases applicable to the disclaimer in the terms and conditions of the insurance.

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

If a vehicle requires repairing or cleaning due to a traffic accident, theft, malfunction, defacement, foul smell or the like, the customer may be charged an NOC (tax-exempt) as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle.

*Enrollment in the Indemnity Against Liability does not exempt a customer from NOC.

Customer drove vehicle to return location
(vehicle condition allows for driving)

20,000 yen

Vehicle condition does not allow for driving,
thus vehicle not returned to return location

50,000 yen


By enrolling in this system, customers will be exempted from the payment of "Non-Operation Charge(NOC)". Please apply when making a reservation or at the time of pick up.
550 yen (tax included) per 24 hours

*The participation to "Indemnith Against Liability" system is necessary to use this system.

*You may not accept/decline after the completion of pick-up procedures.